Zero waste shopping in London made easy with new online directory

Zero waste shopping made easy in London with new online directory.jpg

Whether you’re a native Londoner or travelling to the British capital for work or pleasure, shopping zero waste style is now easier than ever with a new website, dubbed USELESS (“use less”).

The new site launched June 5 to coincide with World Environment Day, and was developed by ethical creative agency Nice and Serious, who’s team realised the need for a dedicated zero waste store directory while lamenting the ubiquity of plastic packaging over lunch one day.

“It started after a lunch break spent getting increasingly depressed about the sheer amount of single-use plastic in our lives,” Nice and Serious co-founder Tom Tapper reveals.

“Someone piped up to say they'd filled their shampoo [bottle] at a shop down the road. Most of the group didn't know that was even an option!”

The website features a digital directory and interactive map of London that brings up all the zero waste stores in a user’s local area once they enter in their postcode. There are over 40 zero waste stores on the site so far, with the opportunity for users to submit a store that’s not currently on the database.

On launch day, Nice and Serious wrote on Instagram: “Zero-waste shops are amazing places where you can buy food, drinks, kitchen essentials, toiletries and cleaning products without the packaging, you just bring your own containers and fill them up. There are plenty of stores across London and USELESS aims to grow into the definitive guide to zero-waste shopping in the capital, and eventually the UK.”

Much like Australia, the UK has a huge plastic problem; 22 million tons of the stuff is thrown into landfill annually.

The British government has stepped up its efforts to tackle the UK plastic waste issue, announcing a blanket ban on plastic straws, drink stirrers and cotton buds in England from April 2020, as well as plans to tax food and drink companies that don’t adhere to the new 30% recycled content requirement of packaging.

Find out more about USELESS by clicking here.