Why I decided to go zero waste (and how I did it)

Why I decided to go zero waste .jpg

One of the surprising (and sometimes frustrating) things about going zero waste, is that once you’ve got your new habits and routines down pat, you start to want to compel friends and family (and strangers) to adopt those zero waste habits too.

Everywhere you look, people are consuming plastic (single-use or otherwise), and you want to shout out to them “Wait! Don’t use cling wrap, there’s a better alternative. Here’s some beeswax wraps!”… for example).

Unfortunately, you can’t really do that. Not only will people be affronted by this slightly aggressive approach, you’ll also come off as being somewhat insufferable. (Guilty as charged.)

I’ve found a better tactic is simply to share the reasons why (and how) I decided to adopt a zero waste lifestyle in the first place.

As a journalist, I’m lucky enough to be able to cast the net a little wider and share my story with those other than just my friends and family.

I recently wrote a piece for women's media network Mamamia on exactly how I transformed from being someone who shopped for fashion like it was a competitive sport, downed a daily coffee from a takeaway cup and used a multitude of single-use items in my home, to someone who champions the zero waste movement.

From outlining the very first steps I took to go zero waste (setting up my zero waste “kit”) to tackling one of the big waste generating areas – food waste – I share the very simple steps I took to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

I also wrote about how you can go zero waste when you have a little one, despite the fact that babies seem to bring a whole heap of stuff into your life.

If you’d like to try and live more sustainably, but find the concept of “zero” waste intimating, take heart – even small, simple changes can make a difference.

Switch to a reusable coffee cup, kick your paper towel habit, or buy yourself some reusable beeswax wraps. Every little bit helps.

You can read the full article for Mamamia here.