Use this handy mind map to reduce your plastic use

Use this handy mind map to reduce your plastic use.jpg

No one could deny that plastic as a material is an excellent product - it’s cheap, versatile and lightweight, and it’s certainly made life easier in a lot of instances. The trouble is, our excessive consumption of plastic over the past five decades has lead to huge environmental issues.

Plastic is polluting our oceans, killing our wildlife and even ends up on our plates in the form of microplastics.

If you’ve decided to try and cut down on your plastic use but are feeling overwhelmed about where to start, you might find this mind map useful.

It was created by Dr Jane Genovese from Learning Fundamentals, an organisation that provides courses and study strategies for students.

The nifty mind map outlines the key reasons why we should try to limit our plastic use. Primarily because:

  • Plastic lasts forever

  • Plastic gets into the food chain and comes back to us

  • Animals get entangled in plastic debris

The mind map also breaks down the key areas where plastic is ubiquitous and provides easy-to-follow steps on how you can eliminate it from your life.


  • Purchase in bulk

  • Plan your meals for the week

  • Learn to cook from scratch

  • Make your own snacks and condiments

  • Grow your own fruit, herbs and vegetables


  • Say no to straws and bottled water

  • Buy milk in reusable glass bottles

  • Use reusable bottles and coffee cups


  • Choose plastic-free fibres like cotton, hemp, silk and wool

  • Avoid fibres like polyester and acrylic

Personal care and cleaning products


  • Say no to straws, bottles, plastic cutlery, coffee cups and plastic bags

  • Shop at bulk stores

  • Make a list of what you need

  • Bring your own bags and containers

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