The top 3 toxic-free baby swaps

Image: @mama_style_maker on Instagram

Image: @mama_style_maker on Instagram

Given my son was the reason I embarked upon this whole toxic-free overhaul in the first place, it stands to reason that the products I use for him were some of the first I swapped out for more eco- and health-friendly options.

Here are the top three toxic-free baby swaps I made for my little one.

Bath products

Like most of the beauty products I use for myself, sourcing package-free, preferably certified organic bath products was paramount.

Until my son was around six-months-old we were using what most parents opt for when it comes to bath time – a sweet-smelling bubble bath by a well-known brand. Trouble is, so many mainstream lotions and potions contain a cocktail of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs).

The big three EDCs include phthalates, parabens and phenoxyethanol, which are all found in many personal care products, including those for children.

Studies have linked EDCs to conditions including endometriosis, early puberty, ADHA, altered nervous system function, respiratory problems, metabolic issues, diabetes, obesity, and even cancer. (We’ll be doing a deep dive into EDCs in coming weeks so stay tuned.)

After sampling a few different package-free soaps we have now settled on using Mokosh Handmade Organic Olive Oil Soap and we use it for both his hair and body. It’s 100% certified organic, palm oil free and vegan, and comes in beautiful printed paper which I repurpose to make gift cards.

Nappy cream

Much like the bath products, most of the nappy creams on the market contain EDCs and a lot of them are petroleum-based. Not what delicate little bottoms need!

Not only that, most of the more natural nappy creams and ointments come in plastic tubes or pots, although some, like Edible Bubba, do come in glass jars.

It was actually my maternal and child health nurse who recommended using a good quality extra virgin olive oil (preferably organic) as a nappy ointment and it really works! As I buy it from Source Bulk Foods it’s also completely zero waste.


Any mum of a teething child will know that having something for them to gnaw on is vital.

Teething toys can help relieve sore and sensitive gums, and given they’ll spend a lot of time in your bub’s mouth, you’ll need to pick the most natural, toxic-free teether you can.

We opted for a natural rubber teether from Hevea that is free from phthalates, PVC, EVAtane, BPA and silicone.

We’ve also got a few other Hevea products, as 100% natural rubber is a great material for little ones and doesn’t pose any health risks. My son has the Hevea Alfie Duck Bath Toy, Star Ball and Bath Mat for bath time.

Hevea also make pacifiers, bottle teats and baby bottles, though we haven’t had to use these.