35 super quick ways to go zero waste with kids

35 super quick ways to go zero waste with kids.jpg

Think going zero waste with kids is nigh on impossible? Think again!

The mainstays of leading a zero waste lifestyle are essentially the same even with kids in the mix – shopping at bulk food stores, choosing reusable items over single-use and eliminating plastic use.

Ready to go zero waste with kids – from babies to toddlers to older kids? Here are 35 super quick ways to get started.


1. Attempt breastfeeding if you can – the ultimate zero waste feeding option.

2. If you are breastfeeding, use reusable nursing pads.

3. Apply organic olive oil or coconut oil after each feed instead of nipple cream.

4. …and organic olive oil instead of nappy cream (works a dream, I promise!).

5. If you prefer to bottle feed your bub, use glass baby bottles.

6. Pair these with natural rubber bottle teats, which can later be upcycled.

7. Also use natural rubber teethers and pacifiers.

8. …and a rubber bath mat.

9. When your little one graduates to a sippy cup, use a stainless steel or glass and silicone one.

10. Make your own baby food from scratch.

11. Give cloth nappies a whirl.

12. …and cloth wipes.

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13. Use regular tableware (for the brave!) or bamboo or stainless steel feeding equipment instead of plastic.

14. Store snacks in glass containers instead of plastic.

15. Choose sustainable and ethically made wooden toys.

16. …or buy toys second-hand.

17. …or join a toy library.

18. Choose sustainable and ethically made children’s clothing.

19. …or buy second-hand clothes. (This is a great online option.)

20. Use a gentle bar soap instead of bottled soap. (We use this one.)

21. A shampoo bar over bottled shampoo.

22. Borrow books from your local library.

23. Attempt potty training early, if you can.

Big kids

24. Shop for kids’ snacks like nuts, dried fruit, protein balls and veggie chips at bulk food stores.

25. Send your kids to school with a stainless steel lunchbox.

26. …and a stainless steel water bottle.

27. Use beeswax wraps instead of cling wrap in school lunches.

28. Avoid packaged foods in their lunchboxes. Have a few easy recipes on hand for treats like muffins, cookies, savoury slices and energy balls.

29. Upcycle odds and ends to make craft projects.

30. Repurpose your kids’ artwork into gift-wrapping paper (and recycle it afterwards).

31. Ask friends and family to gift experiences instead of toys, such as trips to the zoo, museum or movies.

32. Shop for larger items like bikes or cubby houses second-hand.

33. Pack reusable travel cups, cutlery, water bottles and containers when heading out on family road trips.

34. Encourage your children to refuse single-use items while out and about.

35. Teach them about the importance of caring for the environment.