Eco Warrior Q&A: Chelsea Hennard

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Much like myself, Chelsea Hennard’s journey to live a more sustainable lifestyle began when she became a mother.

A self-described “avid earth lover” and “wannabe herbalist”, Chelsea has spent the last couple of years adopting zero waste habits in her home in Texas – all documented via her gorgeous Instagram feed.

Today, Chelsea reveals some her favourite zero waste practices, we also take a peek inside her zero waste beauty cupboard, and find out how she’s raising daughter Amelia to be a fellow little eco warrior.

Tell us about how your zero waste journey got started.

My journey actually got started when I gave birth to my daughter.

Like me, my husband is an environmental enthusiast and he wanted to do cloth diapers from the get-go, although I initially needed some convincing.

While researching how to do cloth diapers (because for some reason it seemed so confusing to me at the time!) I stumbled upon an article describing the effects disposable diapers have on the environment. It really opened my eyes.

It was from there that I started to take what my husband had always shared with me seriously.

I began doing more research and found out about the low waste movement. The rest is history… I’ve been striving ever since to learn more about reducing my impact everyday with the choices we make.

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So your husband is on board living a more sustainable lifestyle then?

Thankfully, my husband has been with me every step of our journey. In fact, he is the reason I dived so deep into the low impact movement in the first place.

I was actually the one that needed convincing… I thought he was crazy (along with the rest of our families, ha!).

I am so happy to have a partner who not only supports what I do when it comes to low waste living but is also striving for the same thing and inspiring me to make more changes.

What have been some of your favourite zero waste habits you’ve adopted?

DIYing would definitely be the number one thing that I have adopted into our lives.

I have always loved being crafty and my favourite class in school was chemistry so I feel like DIYs are basically a good combo of both.

There is something so satisfying about making things yourself. You know how much hard work went in to each thing you create. I also have loved learning more about growing vegetables and herbs. They give you that same satisfaction of creating something from start to finish.

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Talk us through your zero waste beauty routine. Tell us about all the beauty swaps you make.

I’ve been pretty minimal with my makeup routine since high school, but my skincare has changed drastically.

I ditched the store-bought cleansers with harsh soaps and synthetic ingredients and switched to oil for cleansing and moisturising.

Growing up, I was always taught to believe that oil was the enemy for my skin, but that is just the furthest thing from the truth. My skin has never been healthier, and I have less breakouts than I have ever had.

I just refill with olive oil from the kitchen now!

It can be frustrating when you make a huge effort to be zero waste in your own life and then see others being wasteful. What do you like to remind yourself at these times?

As frustrating as it can be, I try to remind myself that I can’t control anybody but myself.

All I can do is try to be an example, share the knowledge that I have learned, and hope that it is somewhat impactful enough to the person to inspire them to make their own changes.

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I imagine you’re raising your daughter Amelia to be a fellow eco warrior. How are you teaching her to care for the environment at this young age?

I am 100% raising her to be an eco-warrior! She’s still pretty young at 22 months, but we try our best to still communicate to her what we are doing and why we’re are doing it.

She will come outside with us while we turn the compost, she tries to help us wash her cloth diapers, she’ll throw her food scraps in the compost while small plastic pieces go in the trash. We also make sure she eats more fruits and vegetables versus animal products.

We’re really just trying to just show her that this way of life is the norm. My husband and I grew up so different and so we have to unlearn a lot of what we knew.

What I hope is that we do so well at living with less waste that it just becomes the norm for Amelia, and that it would be hard for her to do anything but that.

Thanks for your time, Chelsea!