Inside Alicia Silverstone’s zero waste kitchen

Alicia Silverstone zero waste kitchen.jpg

Actor, animal advocate, environmental activist and co-founder of the vegan supplement brand mykind Organics, Alicia Silverstone couldn’t be more different from the role that made her famous in the 90s – that of sartorial-obsessed mall rat, Cher Horowitz in Clueless.

Silverstone has been a vegan since 1998 after attending an animal rights meeting. "I realised that I was the problem... I was an animal lover who was eating animals," she has said of her decision to become a vegan.

Silvertstone also leads a zero waste lifestyle and earlier this year, to the delight of fellow zero wasters everywhere, Silvertstone gave viewers a tour of her eco friendly kitchen.

In a video with The Today Show, Silverstone takes viewers through her fridge, pantry and kitchen drawers to reveal her top zero waste hacks.

A peek inside her fridge reveals she’s a fan of fermented foods like pickles and sauerkraut. Eight-year-old son Bear has his own shelf in the fridge which includes foods like fried tofu, green bean tacos and raw balls (a mix of pureed dates, almonds, walnuts and carob dipped in coconut).

Silverstone reveals she buys a lot of her foods in bulk “so that [she’s] saving resources – shopping, packaging, all of those things – and it’s also cost-effective,” she says.

The star boasts an impressive collection of glass jars in her pantry housing adzuki beans, black soybeans, butter beans and pinto beans, and grains like sweet brown rice and steel-cut oats.

Silverstone opens up her kitchen drawers to show off her collection of cloth towels and napkins.

“I never use disposable paper products,” she says. “You would never find a paper towel in this house, or a paper napkin. What I use are these towels, they’ve been used to death. They go in my kid’s school lunches, they’re used for everything, they’re dishtowels, napkins, all of that.”

She then goes on to open yet another drawer filled with countless empty jars in assorted sizes.

“Anytime I make soup I come here and grab on of these. If I’m running out the door with a soup or a tea I just shove it in a jar as it can sit in the [car] console really easily,” says Silverstone. “And here’s Bear’s reusable water bottles.”

Silverstone also reveals she tries to live plastic-free, however admits it’s not always possible.

“I try to avoid plastic bags at all costs. But sometimes they come into my life. So if they do, I wash them in the sink and then I reuse them. I just keep using them and using them, until they get a hole!”

The video concludes with Silverstone sharing why leading a zero waste lifestyle is vital for the health of the planet.

“This way of eating and living has rocked my world personally,” she says. “But it’s also the kindest thing we can do to our planet Earth.”

Silverstone’s Los Angeles home features solar panels and an organic vegetable garden. The kitchen’s wooden floors are made from untreated wood so are free from any chemicals and the wooden bookshelf beams are made from reclaimed wood.

Umm… when can we move in?!