7 quick ways to detox your home

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We’re all onboard detoxing our minds and bodies (pass the green smoothie please), but have you ever stopped to think your home needs a detox too?

Many synthetic chemicals and containments can be found residing in our homes that are detrimental not only to our health but also the environment.

Here are seven quick ways to detox your home.

1. Give up your candle addiction

Those supposedly sweet-smelling candles release harmful chemicals when burned, including phthalates, which are known endocrine disrupting chemicals. The same goes for air fresheners.

2. Swap out your chemical-heavy cleaning products for natural ones

A mix of vinegar (non-synthetic), baking soda and essential oils are all you need to keep your home clean. Or check out the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) great guide to nontoxic cleaners.

3. Clean out your bathroom cupboard

Much like the candles and cleaning products, many of our personal care products contain harmful chemicals that are known to cause short- and long-term health effects.

Not only that, most of those empty shampoo bottles, moisturiser jars and mascara wands don’t end up being recycled and will go straight to landfill, further polluting our oceans.

4. Dust and vacuum often

More household dust bunnies mean more toxins lurking in your home. If possible use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter as these capture the widest range of particles and eliminate allergens.

5. Leave your shoes at the door

Yes, it can be awkward to ask guests to abandon their shoes at the door, but they (and you) can unknowingly tread containments and chemicals, including pesticides and lead, into your home.

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6. Add some plants to your décor

Did you know that houseplants can help purify the air? Some of the best plants to use include English Ivy, Peace Lily and Spider Plants.

7. Open the windows

Don’t keep all those chemicals and cooking smells trapped inside your home – let the fresh air in and ventilate your home on a daily basis (yes, even in winter).