Why go zero waste?


In Australia, we exist in a “linear economy”, commonly referred to as the “take, make, waste” approach to production.

This means that raw materials – minerals, fossil fuels and timber – are extracted and used to make products that consumers buy. And once those products are consumed, they are discarded and disposed of as waste.

The detrimental effects of this system are twofold. Not only are huge amounts of water and energy used to extract these materials, but once the resulting products are consumed and no longer wanted or needed, they end up in our ever-growing landfills.

In an ideal world we would be striving for a circular economy – one which works according to the 3R approach of “reduce, reuse and recycle” and one in which manufacturers would design products to be reusable.

Sadly though, that appears to be a long way off with the current governmental policies in place.

I strongly believe then, that it’s up to individuals to elicit change.

Committing to a zero waste lifestyle means you will leave a lighter ecological footprint on our planet. As an individual you’ll send less (or even zero) waste to landfill, reducing your environmental impact.

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