How I switched to a zero waste beauty routine

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The bathroom and your beauty routine can often be one of the trickiest areas to cut down on your plastic use.

Mainstream beauty brands predominantly come in plastic packaging, which means tracking down zero waste alternatives takes some time.

It’s tempting to fast track the process, but finding the right products that work for your hair or skin type requires a process-of-elimination approach.

It may also take some time to adapt to new ingredients. If you’ve always used a traditional shampoo for instance (which likely contains sulfates), adjusting to more natural formulations may take awhile.

I tried and tested plenty of shampoo bars until I found the right one for my hair. As well as using a shampoo bar, I now also wash my hair with baking soda, which works as a “clarifying” shampoo, and rinse with apple cider vinegar. Sometimes it pays to turn to your pantry to find beauty solutions!

Another biggie was liquid eyeliner; trying to find one that mimicked the mainstream brand I had always used wasn’t easy.

This is in large part as there are several boxes you need to tick… is the product certified organic? Is it vegan? Does it come in zero waste packaging such as glass, tin, bamboo or stainless steel? Can it then be recycled through the beauty company itself or Terracycle? And… does it actually work?!

It’s clear with these kinds of parameters switching to a zero waste beauty routine isn’t straightforward. But it’s well worth it!

Recently, I wrote a piece for women's media network Mamamia about how I switched to a zero waste beauty routine.

From hunting down zero waste makeup brands to DIYing my own beauty products, I also share four major waste generating products that I swapped out for zero waste alternatives.

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